Our Story

Our Vision

Several years ago, a vision was created – to develop and manufacture innovative portion-controlled products for consumers and the food industry that serves them, led by a team of dedicated Food Professionals. Today, Skilcor is recognized as the leading manufacturer of portion-controlled, fully-cooked proteins, as well as a North American, full-service distributor and broker of major national and private label brands.

Our core values and traditions of quality, integrity, trust and teamwork are shared by our team of Food Professionals working with us. We treat this team, our most valuable asset, with care and respect, and they return that by delivering superior products and service to our customers.

Together, we are committed to leading our industry in the development, production, and distribution of safe, ready-to-eat foods, setting the standard for other companies in the food industry to follow.

Innovative and inventive, we believe it is essential to embrace change. We continue to invest in new technologies and seek out new and unique opportunities to drive our business forward – all with a commitment to exceeding the expectations of our customers, suppliers and ourselves.

Executive Team

Don Bernier - President & Chief Executive Officer Skilcor Food Products Inc.

Juan Vallejo - Vice President Operations Skilcor Food Products Inc.

Jeremy Miculinic - National Account Manager Skilcor Food Products Inc.