For more than 50 years, Skilcor has been a recognized leader in the food industry, developing, producing and distributing value-added, portion-controlled meat products and packaged food brands. Customer knowledge and insight are the foundations of our business, providing us with the ability to identify and respond to changing consumer trends, tastes and dietary preferences.We do this in partnership with our team of Food Professionals (our employees) and the retailers, wholesalers, foodservice distributors and operators with whom we work to deliver on the promises of some of the most respected private label and national brand businesses.



It’s simple. Consumers want to shop with confidence – confidence in the safety of the food they purchase and eat. At Skilcor, we have a culture of commitment when it comes to food safety, nothing is more important. We ensure that all our products not only meet but exceed the highest food safety standards consistently.


Sous Vide or Oven Cooked, sauced, spiced or sauce on the side, Skilcor will develop a program that answers your consumer’s needs. Full racks, portioned pieces or individual hand cut ribs.